ISCUP PRIZE : Competition-Festival Committee will give Certificate, Medal to the all participants, moreover; plates and souvenirs will be given for each group and per categories 1st, 2nd and 3rd.The following prize money will be awarded to the groups who take the highest marks between all the groups.ISTCUP CUP and prize is .............

 CHORUS RULES OF THE COMPETITION :  Expert jury members select from abroad. The International jury will evaluate the competitors according to their performance in competition. Chorus can make their own repertoire and are free to choice of the songs for competition. Chorus must prepare songs for competition in time limits.  Minimum 6 minutes, maximum 8 minutes.

The time starts with the first song and finishes with the last song together with breaks between the songs. If the groups pass the limited time, for the first 20 seconds, won’t be any cut of the point. But if they pass 8 minutes 20 seconds till 8 minutes 40 seconds there will be 1 point cut from the total point. More of these, till 9 minutes 2 points will be cut from the total point. If groups pass the 10 min they will be disqualified. Competition technical committee responsible with competition duration and the point of the calculation and of course if there will be any exceed of the duration Technical committee will cut the points whether 1 or2 (from 8 minutes 20 Second till 9 minutes). Chorus can use only 4 instruments while they are at the stage and singing.

 CHORUS the topics are below; Sound euphony, rhythmic accuracy, intonation stability, healthy vocal production, the degree of difficulty selected singing of the song, entrance and exit of the stage integration by the competitors   groups, as well as clothing suitability and using right direction of the stage is also important. Chorus conductor and choir group coherence is very important. Sound harmony of the choir, nuances and musical dynamism and using the words at the right time and place is very important. High scores will be awarded based on the difficulty of the song, during the competition at the stage visual motion is possible. Recommendation, do not make greetings, before or end of the song because waste of time will be really influence having lower of your score. We would like to remind the competition groups: Previous  years competitions groups were waiting for applaud from the audiences between the songs  ,consequently it was just losing the time and influence the points less, this our advice beforehand please take this  in your consideration. Competition groups, must deliver the musical notes of the song (what they will perform at the stage) to the festival committee, when they arrive at the first day of the festival.

FOLK DANCE & MUSIC CONDITIONS OF COMPETITION International Istanbul CHILDREN-ADULT  FOLK DANCE – FOLK MUSIC –FOLK INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC  Competition is   open for both amateur   groups . Min. 16 years of age. children competition Max. 16 years of age (can be over 16 till 18, %20) . Groups may enter the competition in maximum two categories.  The number of the dancers  or musicians must be min 8 max 32 . the performance should be done with traditional dance and traditional costumes. Groups can use live music or CD.  Competition Performances are min 6- max 8 minutes . I f more or less minutes the point will be cut. ( deducted) ..

FOLK MUSIC & FOLK INSTRUMENTAL  COMPETITION : The competition will be organized by traditional music instruments and traditional costumes. The number of the musicians should be min 6 max 32 people. Performance should be min 3 minute and max 6 minutes.

SOLO AND DUET DANCE & MUSIC COMPETITION : The competition will be organized folk solo -duet and modern dance solo -duet. The folk performance should be done with traditional music and traditional costumes. Modern dance solo duet is free costumes and free dance. It should be min 3 max 5 minutes.


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