What you will have of your leisure time at the period of festival ? , here they are: The main goal at the international folklore festival is all the participators who return home to gain a lot of new friends and great memories.  Duration in three hours you can not imagine how amusing funs you will have, let me explain you. Previously of our festivals  this trip is always one of the best free time activities all the  groups enjoyed themselves very much.

You will be able to see the famous historical and touristy places and shopping at the GRAND BAZAAR, which provide an amusing opportunity of all entertainments of shopping mix the east and west. Grand Bazaar is the oldest art and largest shopping centre in the world, it’s covered more than 30 hectares of the land in this labyrinth system of streets and passages there are more than 18 entrances and approximately 400.000 daily visitors.

ISTANBUL known as the Capital of Empires was founded 2600 years ago. Approximately 5 million tourists visit this splendid city every year. You will also be able to notice the affect of Ottoman –Byzantium cultures on every place. You are going to see famous Topkapi place that has served the residence and political headquarter for ottoman sultans for 400 years, Sultanahmet Mosque, and Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.
All groups will teach own folk dance 15 min. ( FOLK SEMINAR ). Depend on the group’s desire


We will arrange a Dance and Music  night or private fun.
We will arrange 4 hours Private Bosphourus boat tour,  A traditional excursion by private boat along the waterway (BOSPHORUS) its 30 km long separating EUROPE-ASIA will be excellent and full of unforgettable breathtaking sceneries. Duration in four hours you can not imagine how amusing funs you will have,
There is a swimming possibility at Marmara sea.
we can arrange private night Turkish folk show and oriental shows entertainments .
Finally we say the World folk EURASIA festival will stay with you for the rest of your life forever.

Please visit Istanbul paradise tour link.  .
Now we are sending you Official application form, if you are AGREE and ACCEPT the conditions, please fill up the form and send it back to us with attachment file A.S A.P In all case we would like to remind you that, this is not legal invitation. After having all groups necessary promotion materials (video cassette or CD, group photos and short description) till the end of this year, festival organisation selection committee will choose the participation groups, after we will send to the groups their Official Invitations. 
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