20-24 APRIL         2020  TURKIYE

27-30   JUNE         2020  TURKIYE

22-26  AUGUST      2020  TURKIYE


25-27  NOVEMBER  2020  TURKIYE








Introduction IZNIK

İznik, or Nicaea (Latin)/Nikaia (Greek) as known in ancient times, was the site of the both first and seventh ecumenical councils of Christianity (i.e. First and Second Councils of Nicaea), convened in 325 and 787 respectively.

Later it served as the capital city of Sultanate of Rum, first Turkic state established in Asia Minor. After the Crusaders of Fourth Crusade captured Constantinople and established Latin Empire in 1204, it also served as the capital of Empire of Nicaea, a rump Byzantine state, for more than 60 years.

Despite still maintaining some traces of its past, the town today has a somewhat provincial feel to it, and is far from the importance it possessed in history.

İznik today is still mostly surrounded by ancient walls with four major gates roughly corresponding to the cardinal directions. They are named after the major town the road exiting through the gate in question leads to. In clockwise order, they are (starting from north):

 IstanbulGate (İstanbul Kapı), Lefke Gate (Lefke Kapı), Yenişehir Gate (Yenişehir Kapı), and Lake Gate (Göl Kapı), providing access to the lake shore, not a town. All are roughly the same distance away from town square, which is the intersection of the two major streets of the town: Atatürk Caddesi (north-south, between Istanbul and Yenişehir Gates) and Kılıçaslan Caddesi(east-west, between Lefke and Lake Gates).






HARMAN CULTURE FESTIVAL ORG. It was founded in 1987 with the aim of arranging international cultural organizations.The first international event had been taken place in 1990 in Istanbul /Turkey. INFO . HARMAN arrange international folklore festivals, music band and school education exchange organisations.  Harman culture org . member I.OV - I.G.F , C.I.D - WIFOLK - EUROPE CHOIR FED. AMERICA CHOIR ASS.

This festival is open to Folk Dance – Folk Music –Theatre groups ( Youth-adult). The groups will stay  *** star hotel per room 2-3-4  . Performance only after dinner min 6 min - max 15 minutes, each group 2 or 3 night at the open air. Festival Organisation committee will provide an English-speaking guide. Groups can perform with CD or    Life music.

If group  agree and accept with the festival conditions; Fill out the application form and send it back to Harmanfolk. Meanwhile, send us group info and photos by e-mail in advance. If you are interest to participate festival please ask THE APPLICATION from


ACCOMIDATION :   ****  4 star HOTEL

****star HOTEL  65 Euro     ( 2 night 3 days)  breakfast -dinner

****star HOTEL  90 Euro     ( 3 night 4 days) breakfast -dinner

****star HOTEL 115 Euro     ( 4 night 5 days)  breakfast -dinner

We will organise  to    4****  hotel  2 meals   including swimming pool and the wonderful IZNIK NATURAL LAKE. Rooms are  otels 2 beds  3 or 4 beds  beds including air-condition,

TRANSPORTATION : The participant groups must pay their own travel expenses from their Country to IZNIK and return. If Group come to  ISTANBUL AIR PORT we will hire the bus and it cost    900 Euro for all ground transportations . ( 19-46 people). If the number of the groups 12-18 people  bus cost is 700 euro. This costs included all ground transportations. 

CRAFT STANT : Groups will be given a free craft stand. The groups will be able to sell the products they bring from their country. The groups will be able to perform music and dance if they want. Groups will be able to make handcrafts interactive. The demonstrations will be on the open field stage. The show will be minimum 6, maximum 12 minutes. 

WORKSHOP : The groups will teach other foreign groups to simple dance figures from their country's dances ( workshops ).There is a festival committee that will organize transfers in the festival area. The groups themselves will pay the transfer fee from İstanbul to Balıkesir and Balıkesir to İstanbul.

FREE ACTIVITIES  You are going to see the historical and touristic places in IZNIK . Also depends on programme visiting seaside HISTORICAL TOWN  IZNIK.If you want to visit istanbul we can arrange all tour guide transportation and accomidations or performance in istanbul.

If you are interest to participate festival please ask THE APPLICATION from




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