He was born in 1962 in İskenderun/Turkey. After the high school he went to İstanbul for Sports Academy ( University ). Then he begins to work as a physical trainer in the private schools. His first folklore experience has started in the high school years. Then he decides to have a research about his region’s ( Hatay ) dances. After the research he becomes an expert in his region’s dances. He play Rhythm ( Drum, Darbula, kettle drum, Tambourine, etc. )

He works in several associations then he becomes the chairman of the organizations of Harman Folklore organisation. He joins lots of Folklore and Music Festivals in many countries. He has organized his groups participaitons to  these festivals. And he teaches the Turkish Dances to the people from all over the World in the festivals that he joins. These are the some of the Festivals and seminar which he teaches Turkish Dances.

Turkey-Istanbul,  Holland–Utrecht, Germany–Munchen,  France–Metz, USA–New York, England–Llangollen Greece - Larissa
He organizes seminars in İstanbul for the foreign people who want to learn Turkish Dances from several countries.

On the otherhand he organizes Euroasia (Avrasya) Folklore Festival and International folk & oriantal seminars in Türkiye. He is the chief of the Festival. He was the teacher of Turkish dances in the Worldfolk Seminar. He coordinates the International Folklore and Music Festival and Harmanfolk Culture and Sport Organizations.He is I.O.V ( International organisation folklore) menbers and Turkish section.


ehtap grauduated from Language ,Art History,Geograpy faculty of Istanbul/Turkey university .She made researches on dances.She is an organizer on stages and choreographer too.She has been known an expert on Turkish folk dance and Ciftetelli in this arena .She has made some researches on Karsilama (Ottoman palace dance).She has been invited from by Some Europian countries to give ,teach them Turkish folk dance for seminars .She has fluent English and French.She had been in duty France Metz seminar and Holland Folk seminar too.She had been participated too many international folklore festivals in abroad so far and during the festival periods gave dance lessons to the amoteur groups.


He is a professor in Folk Dances Department of Istanbul University .He has best known very well experience to teach Thrace-Istanbul-Macedonia Turkish heritage dances .He is a choreographer and has an expert on rhythm at the stages.Besides these ,plays very well traditional musicial instruments like Kaval,Flute and Ney too.

He is an expert on making hihg level researches and having excellent collections on Thrace Region He had been participated a lot of international abroad folklore festivals ,as an  instructor of Traditional Turkish folk dances. Nowadays ,he arranges some kind of activities at the primary and high schools ,some private professional events at the hotel stages .



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